Analytics 360° Program

Embedding analytics into the organizational culture
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Highlight Stories

Find new ideas and best business intelligence practices
from Fortune 500 companies.
Ultimate Store Performance

Ultimate Store Performance

Maximize store performance, visibility and sales by channel tracking

Olympics Drives Business

Insightful analysis to estimate the influence of event sponsorship on sales

BI Solution Acceleration

Improve forecasts with smarter integration of the best-in-class BI tools.
Globalizing e-marketing

Globalizing E-Marketing

More efficient e-marketing by monitoring AdWords, GA and GWMT.

Alleviate the Bullwhip Effect

Minimizing the effects of channel distortion has always been a challenge.

Faster, Better Analytics

Optimization Suite reduces the risk of new analytical solutions

The Winner Portfolio

Increase the efficiency of pricing strategy and portfolio decisions

Agile Analytics in Action

Leading Oil Company enables agile analytics with TIBCO Spotfire on SAP BW

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