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InfomatiX Platform:

IX Automation & Optimization

Business topics:
  • Maintenance of Spotfire Environments
  • Process Quality
  • Risk management & Compliance

  • Web Based Enterprise Management System

Automated enterprise scale of mission critical agile analytics platform

Accelerating deployment, data connection, maintenance and management of multi-tenant TIBCO Spotfire® environments for sensitive financial analytics.

The Business

The client is a top multinational financial services and consultancy firm.  A Fortune 100 company, it employs nearly 200,000 employees at over 700 offices worldwide.

The Challenge

The financial services industry is having to cope with increasing amounts of data yet many procedures have their roots deep in the last century.  To keep abreast of regulatory, compliance and governance requirements in the Big Data age, our client is modernizing its approach to financial analytics, enabling a unified approach for the analysis and collaboration around financial data.

The client’s IT organization serves the complex auditing & reporting platform operating across several multi-tenant environments equipped with the TIBCO Spotfire visualization and analytics platform. Building and maintaining this infrastructure at the unprecedented scale required to support complex and interactive reporting for thousands of clients proved a challenge, as many aspects of scaling the environment required manual intervention in order to satisfy stringent IT requirements.

The Solution

InfomatiX designed, developed and implemented a custom web-based enterprise management system enabling proficient IT maintenance of local TIBCO Spotfire environments. The agents of the new maintenance system are installed on each computer that are linked to the central application and can be managed centrally, allowing remote management of thousands of systems.

IT administrators can perform parallel actions and processes on thousands of separate PCs and Spotfire environments at the same time, even though the report templates work on different databases. In the same time, client data is protected according to the requirements. The solution saves thousands of hours of work that would otherwise be manual and optimizes the maintenance procedure. In addition, a Health Check module ensures flawless continuous performance.

The solution enables IT administrators to:

  • Improve quality of IT operations and reduce IT footprint on running several local TIBCO Spotfire environments;
  • Ensure continuous availability and compatibility of TIBCO Spotfire platforms across thousands of single or multitenant environments;
  • Speed up TIBCO Spotfire environment related issue resolution, providing maximum SLA and monitoring compliance
  • Rapid roll-out and deployment of reports across thousands of environments; and
  • Manage datasets needed for visualizations and management reports using SQL and No-SQL data sources, including Hadoop.

The Outcome

Automation and Optimization – The solution increases the reliability of the complex reporting environment, automates and optimizes the regular updates, ensures seamless maintenance of thousands of platforms through a simplified process and significant performance improvement.

Time and Cost Saving – IT TIBCO Spotfire environment maintenance time and operational cost can be saved over 90%, meaning optimizing the resources and the procedures resulting in a huge decrease in operating costs.

Data Security – As data protection is vital to ensure client data is handled properly and legal requirements are kept. The solution enables effective multiple IT interactions while meeting data protection requirements.

Scalability – The web based enterprise management system can be operated across thousands of servers company-wide, can be used globally and by any enterprise or industry with a large number of devices using Spotfire and big data requiring a safe environment.



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