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InfomatiX Platform:

IX Analytics 360

Business topics:
  • Consumer insights

Analytical Tools
  • TIBCO Spotfire

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • R

Actionable insights from unstructured data of consumer surveys

The Challenge

Marketers face the challenges finding the best way to analyse the feedbacks about their products, services and promotions in an easy and convenient way. Several online tools provide excellent and easy-to-create questionnaires with good analytical capabilities as far as quantitative analysis is concerned.

On the other hand, qualitative information with open ended questions create a much greater opportunity to get to know consumers, understand their feelings, wishes and problems to be able to improve products and services and also to target precisely.

Although gaining valuable information from consumers is crucial, analyzing these surveys is not always a seamless process as the tools don’t provide verbatim coding or text analytics. Without these capabilities, consumer surveys remain just undiscovered opportunities, as huge amount of information cannot be utilized and turned into valuable insights.

The Solution

Infomatix developed a text analytics solution for TIBCO Spotfire to visualize qualitative data of consumer market surveys. Therefore the client’s marketers can the qualitative consumer data in their self-serve corporate data analysis tool with new basic text analytics capabilities.

The solution generates a word cloud from any survey, visualizing a consolidated view for text analytics, where the most important keywords are highlighted and the related comments can be investigated very easily. 

Customer Service

The report template helps identify common themes and frequent keywords consumers are using and also the favorable and unfavorable comments they are writing. The basic sentiment analysis helps the user automatically cluster consumer comments into categories of different emotions.

The solution uses R and javascript and supports several data sources, like Google Forms, Survey Monkey or collected in excel spreadsheets.

The Benefits

  • Improve Service Quality:  Targeted after purchase or promotion feedback surveys give insights on service quality, as well as consumer complaints and needs serve as priority actionables for quality improvement
  • Get the Hype: The automatic analysis of consumer surveys gives enlightened consumer insights and information of the current hype and trends around the product and serve as basis for improving promotional activities and marketing campaigns
  • Rapid Analytics: The easy to configure solution can be integrated into any business template to analyze unstructured data.

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