Global consumer packaged goods (CPG) with annual revenues in excess of $10bn; over 30,000 employees, exporting products to over 130 countries.

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The Business

A global leader in the fast moving consumer goods market and leading in analytics practices

The Challenge

The client, a large enterprise user of Spotfire analytics, deploys and updates dozens of large reports, cycling every two months to enable the business to forecast volume, exchange rates and adjust mix, pricing and other factors in a volatile business environment.  Internal procedures dictate that each release of the report requires extensive documentation before deployment to the business.  As each Spotfire report may contain over twenty pages, this process may take days, eroding the value that an analyst can add as the onus shifts from creating value-added insight to following procedure.

The Solution

Automatic DXP documentation was enabled through the IX Optimization Suite.  Analytic authors simply uploaded the new Spotfire template to the library, launched the embedded DXP Documenter component, chose their corporate documentation template and clicked “OK”.  Newly versioned documents were created in minutes, automatically generating details of data, tables, columns, visualisations, expressions, scripts and other artefacts, while calling out unused columns and tables in the Spotfire report.

The Results

Saved Time This solution saved 80% of analysts’ time in documenting Spotfire templates, a necessary activity for audit purposes but not for the business.  Analysts only needed to update business-specific documentation, relating to changes in use or functionality.  Across hundreds of templates with rapid release cycles, this amounts to millions of dollars in annual savings.

Increased quality Documentation quality increased, as all of the technical details relating to the template are 100% accurate.

Faster, Better Analytics In addition to reducing risk of deadline misses, the additional time has allowed analysts to concentrate on closing the loop with their stakeholders, tailoring the analytic reports to business conditions and focussing on enabling the business to make better, faster data-driven decisions.