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More efficient e-marketing by monitoring AdWords, website and paid and organic performance
The Business

The client is a consumer packaged goods company serving countries all over the world. They manufacture various high-quality brands familiar to households worldwide. As an industry leader, the company is also active online. website seo analysis report It is inevitable for them to be able to monitor and assess the performance of their online activity and stay an industry leader.

The Challenge

Over the past few years consumer behaviour changed dramatically. They research products online before purchasing them in store or online. In the same time, advertising is also moving towards digital.

Google provides different data sources for analysing Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Web Master Tools data—however such analysis presents only a part of the whole picture.

The Solution

The objective was to build a solution for providing holistic insights to Google paid and organic search and traffic data of the client’s brand websites.

The goal was to enable the monitoring of the web performance of the brands, the home pages, providing analysis on paid and organic Google Search data as well as key paid and organic web performance indicators. Google data from different sources such as AdWords, Google Analytics and GWMT were integrated in the project.

Spotfire, Custom Javascript and Custom IP Scripting (iron python) were used for the agile and automated analysis.

The Benefits

From strategic to operational

The solution supports different levels of decisions—from showing the most important strategic management level KPIs till allowing detailed analysis on results, enabling deep dive—even to destination URL level.

Holistic user insights

The client can now fully understand the target audience and form their campaigns based on the insights. The tool and the analysis provide for understanding the changes and trends in user behaviour, the user can examine and compare the campaigns, brands, regions and relevant KPIs and come up with even more relevant ads.

Users can see and compare the most important measures, for example

  1. The client can leverage the advertisements and improve their quality by understanding how many times the ads appeared, how many clicks they provided and the cost per clicks.
  2. Users can monitor and improve how successful the website is by examining how many times customers visited the brand’s home page, for how long they stayed there and the bounce rates.
  3. Return on (paid and non-paid) activity can be calculated and optimized and it is possible to ensure how many times the keywords appear and how many clicks they produce

Company-wide usage

Global e-marketing performance is easier to monitor and decision makers can be more up-to date regarding market changes throughout the whole organization, which ability is essential in turbulent fields like consumer goods. The service also provides for predictive analysis as required.