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Revolutionize issue management with 1-Click Assistant

The Challenge

Operational excellence, seamless template usage, fast issue solving and getting answers for the upcoming questions on-demand are prioritized requests by business users of analytic templates as reaction speed directly affects competitiveness of the organization. At the same time reproducing the same settings is often challenging for the technical support team.

Data availability, application setup (report definition) and user error related issues frequently hinder the adoption of an analytical template. To quickly resolve an issue, the 1st level support team must be updated with proper details.

However users are usually unable define their real issue and provide proper backend system information for the support team, in most of the cases they are not at all aware of what information needs to be sent. Communication problems between these two parties are typical and cross-questioning leads to slow progress of solving the given issue.

The Solution

The IX 1-Click Assistant enables business users to share information with the support team in a quick and easy way.


Users only need to fill out the ‘Describe the incident’ space, to tell their problems and all important system related data will be sent automatically:

  • General information on template, user and issue time and any additional description the user can provide
  • General template scope information and data metrics
  • Tab on which the issue happened, with a screenshot of the tab
  • Console output for the user’s session (available in Chrome browser only)
  • Filter values and document property values


As all the information needed to solve their issues is automatically sent to the support team, the user’s only task is to fill in the written description platform of the request.

Proactive support

The data collected by the solution can be analyzed to improve the analytical environment. The root cause analysis uncovers the patterns of supported solutions and helps identify the weak points and the risks.

The Benefits

The IX 1-Click Assistant simplifies the incident management processes and enables proactive issue management.

  • Saved time: less time is spent on communication with the 1st level support team, the synergies between L1-3 support and solution teams result in rapid incident management and less inefficient time for business user
  • Accelerates application adoption: the more efficient resolution ensures better user experience and increased trust resulting in user adoption
  • Proactive Support: the automatic information capturing  and provides suitable information for further analysis, issue generalization, risk identification and proactive recommendations.

The proactive support not only simplifies and accelerates the incident and issue management processes, but also helps improve the corporate analytical environment with continuous feedback to the analytics team that results in enhanced analytics solutions and higher user adoption in the entire organization.


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