TIBCO Spotfire® Ecosystem

IX Editable Crosstable

Interactive planning in your
agile analytical environment

Integrated budget-, financial and capacity
scenario planning within Spotfire reports
Interactive visualization of different data scenarios
to gain immediate insight

Planning can be taken out of Excel and executed in Spotfire in the future as the interactive IX Editable Crosstable Spotfire extension will allow you to modify data loaded into the analysis and to simulate and visualize the changes that may occur in the underlying data tables.

Used for scenario planning, simulation and data edit purposes in Spotfire, this extension enables interaction with any data in Spotfire.

Business User Benefits

  • Planning applications driven by Spotfire
  • Complete integration into any Spotfire DXP increases interactivity
  • All visuals immediately updated with the edited Spotfire data
  • Valuable business insights of users can be pre-visualized

Business Author Benefits

  • No programmer skills needed
  • Interactive cross table can be used as a standard control and reusable component
  • Accessible directly by your team in Spotfire Consumer
  • Data Edit / Write back through Spotfire in a controlled environment
  • Business decision making made easy

IT Benefits

  • Simplified and transparent decision making process on database changes
  • Controlled environment for planning in Spotfire
  • Increased ROI on Spotfire Planning applications
  • No overhead on integration with a reusable component
Using IX Editable Crosstable in Spotfire® Analyst:

Using IX Editable Crosstable in Spotfire® Consumer:

List of features from TIBCO Spotfire® 6.0 and up:

  • Available as a custom Spotfire visualization
  • All Spotfire cross table properties applicable
  • Modify Aggregated cells based on differing values
  • Modified values will be saved in the DXP
  • Data refreshing
  • On-visualization display of simulated data
  • Supported Aggregations: None; Average; First; Sum (only with a single background data row)
  • Different Value Types Editable: Integer; Double; String; Date
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