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IX Excel Export

Simplified analysis presentation made quick and easy

Bridge the gap between analysts
and decision makers or clients
Reduce reporting time by
customizable DXP export to XLS

The IX Excel Export extension lets Spotfire users overcome cross-platform barriers by a single, fully-customizable export panel. It allows its users to convert every diagram into pictures, export data tables and manage them into .xlsx files without any third party applications required on premises.

Exporting every aspect of analysis is exceptionally easy with an intuitive and all-encompassing GUI where the data to be exported and its final layout can be fully customized, thus giving you the most flexible report exporting solution.

Business User Benefits

  • Considerably shortened reporting time
  • Quick set-up before export
  • Customizable report element layout
  • Custom data presentation to keep reports focused

Using IX Excel Export in Spotfire® Analyst:

Using IX Excel Export in Spotfire® Consumer:

List of features:

    Export opportunities, basic functionality
  • All or active visualizations, pages, data tables, cross tables
    can be exported
  • Visualizations can be exported as an image
  • Style settings can be exported
  • Export can be started directly from page context menu

  • Export opportunities, extras
  • NEW:Excel compatible visualizations can be exported
    and edited as Excel Charts
  • Exported data can be formatted via advanced settings
  • Marking can be exported
  • Data limitation can be exported
  • Displaying hints with export issues before exporting

Download IX Excel Export Datasheet

    Configuration opportunities
  • Data tables can be exported first
  • Email sending capability
  • Custom expressions can be used in column names
  • Definable title of exported visual
  • Customizable labels
  • Displayed legend configurable
  • Custom font settings
  • NEW:Marking colors of the can be exported to excel.

  • Compatibility
  • Data imported from SQL can be exported to Excel
  • Compatible with Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2013
  • All major internet browsers supported

All features are available from TIBCO Spotfire® 6.0 and up
Which Spotfire versions is it compatible with?
It is compatible with Spotfire version 5.0 and above.
Does it work with Spotfire Analyst and Spotfire Consumer client too?
Yes, you can export all kind of datatables and visualizations from Spotfire Analytics and Spotfire Consumer as well.
Does it supports all of the Spotfire visuals?
Yes, partially. Bar chart, Combination chart, Line chart, Pie chart, Scatter Plot, Table Plot, Summary Table and Cross Table format are supported by Excel, so those are created on the result xlsx file as an Excel visual. The other charts are not supported by Excel, so those are exported as a picture.
Can I export the coloring formats?
You can only export Color Rules those are set on visuals.
How can i use the extension?

There are two methods:

  1. Select „Export” from Tools menu
  2. Set an "To Microsoft Excel.."
  3. Select the data tables and visualizations to export
  4. Press the Export button


  1. Right click on the visualizations that you would like to export
  2. Select "Export visual to Excel"
  3. Press the Export button
How does the IX Excel Export work?
It receives the data from your analysis and converts it to excel format. The extension will draw an Excel visual to the result xlsx file, based on the Spotfire visual's data.
Can I export the filtering and sorting settings?
Yes, all of your data will be appear on the Excel file just the same as in Spotfire.
Can I export the markings on visuals?
Yes you can, there is a checkbox on the extensions configuration panel, with that you can set whether you want to export the markings as well.

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