TIBCO Spotfire® Ecosystem

IX Floating Visuals

Clarity from Complexity

Show details, trends or the timeline
behind a given dataset of the charts
Save valuable reporting space and
boost your report usability
Drill down into data without navigating users
to another tab within your template

With the help of IX Floating Visuals, business authors can keep complex templates clear and focused on the most important business questions by using pop-up charts or data tables over given visuals.

The hidden visualizations are displayed when an element is highlighted in a predefined chart by hovering the mouse cursor over it.

Business User Benefits

  • See the details behind a given dataset with a simple mouse over on the chart
  • Easy and obvious drill-down with pop-up charts or data tables over main visuals
  • Move floating windows for better visibility of underlying charts

Business Author Benefits

  • Simplify complex and overcrowded visualizations in order to improve user experience and keep business focus
  • Save space for more visuals in one screen
  • Highlight trends behind dataset without unnecessary navigation to further tabs

IT Benefits

  • Easy installation with no custom parameters
  • Improved UX on Spotfire visualizations
Using IX Floating Visuals in Spotfire® Analyst:

Using IX Floating Visuals in Spotfire® Consumer:

List of features from TIBCO Spotfire® 6.0 and up:

  • All default Spotfire visualizations supported
  • Visualizations can be floated
  • Floated visuals can contain floated elements
  • Floated visuals can be limited by marking
  • Filter settings can be set on floated visuals
  • Opacity can be customized of floated visuals
  • Show / hide duration can be configured
  • Can be integrated in context menu
  • Auto-hide interactive floated visuals on the web
  • All major internet browsers supported
Download IX Floating Visuals Datasheet
What is Floating Visuals?
When hovering the mouse over a visualization element in the Spotfire application, the platform highlights the given element. Spotfire platform highlights the related elements on other visualizations in the same analysis document as well. InfomatiX overrode this highlighting functionality and implemented a popup window mechanism to display a visualization on top of the highlighted element.
Is it possible to limits the data by the highlighted data?
Yes. It is possible. When appearing visual contains only the data the highlight selection includes if the data limitation is set.
Can I set floating visuals on floated visual?
Yes. It is possible. Any number of visualization can be configured as floating visual. But can not create circular reference between the floated visuals.
What other limitations are there?
Because of technical limitations, Summary Tables and Text Areas cannot be used as the base of floated visuals.

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