IX KNIME-Spotfire Integration

Combine the power of data discovery
with high level visualization

Integrate your TIBCO Spotfire® environment with the KNIME analytics platform
Eliminate manual work and errors of loading data from KNIME to Spotfire
Automate data refresh with Spotfire Data Functions

How did you hear from us?
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How did you hear from us?

Watch this short video on IX KNIME Spotfire Integration and learn how easy it is to visualize data from your KNIME workflows in Spotfire:

Do you face the challenges of finding business insights in a massive dataset?

KNIME and Spotfire allows business authors to execute complex data discovery, data manipulation, analytics and visualization in a single environment.

Business User Benefits

  • Run analytics on massive datasets
  • Easily modify visualization without rebuilding the ETL process
  • Manipulate data affluently
  • Simple usage, no coding needed
Discover high value business insights
  • Live, interaction and visual drill-down possibility to any dataset in KNIME with pre-set data functions in Spotfire.
  • Blend your enterprise data and reports with any new data source
  • Easy access and visualization of complex datasets

  • For further information and extended features:


List of features:

  • Triggering KNIME workflows directly from Spotfire
  • Automated data refresh
  • Concurrent usage of KNIME workflows
  • Easy data manipulation and visualization
  • Elimination of manual work and data loading errors
  • Simple authentication

  • Functionality accessible from Spotfire Tools menu

System requirements:

    TIBCO Spotfire 6.5 or 7.0
  • Analyst: configure and run workflows
  • Consumer: run workflows

  • KNIME platform
  • Server: 2.10
  • Desktop: 2.11

  • TIBCO file writer node
Why should I use this connector when KNIME has specialized writer node?
The IX KNIME Spotfire Integration is more than a simple connector. Using data functions of Spotfire It provides live interactive visual drill-down option to any dataset for users without KNIME knowledge or even access.
How is the KNIME Connector used in Spotfire Templates?
The installed extension is accessible from the Tools menu. The Analyst users can easily set up the connection and configure it for consumers who can run the workflows with 1-click of a button.
Does it have to be connected to a KNIME server?
No, both the enterprise and the community editions of the IX Extension can be connected to KNIME Desktop. For better performance, the KNIME servers are recommended.
Can we configure more than 1 data function parallel?
The enterprise version of IX KNIME Spotfire Integration supports running 25 concurrent data functions. However, the KNIME workflows can be optimized to less number of parallel strings serving the visualizations in the given Spotfire report templates.