Boost Performance

Pinpoint analytic reporting bottlenecks
and their causes - in seconds

Drive Compliance

Reduce business risk through detailed understanding
of report use and user behavior

Accelerate Deployment

Speed the path to enterprise analytic solutions while closing the loop
between Spotfire authors and report consumers

For Spotfire Administrators

As a Spotfire Administrator you must ensure that analysts work within
an optimized analytical ecosystem.
To provide the most efficient environment, it is crucial
to remove technical and workflow barriers.

Challenges include:
  • Demonstrating maximum return on investment of analytic assets
  • Ensuring user adoption and maintaining a secure,
    governed environment
  • Understanding and mitigating potential failure points in the ecosystem
  • Optimizing the entire system footprint

Optimization Suite for TIBCO Spotfire enables you to:
  • Identify instantly hot and cold-spots through detailed performance, usage and geographical statistics
  • Predict times and location of greatest activity allowing failover and resource planning
  • Streamline the Spotfire reporting footprint by highlighting report and data usage

For Spotfire Authors and Analysts

As a Spotfire Author or Analyst you must deliver cutting-edge analytics combined with a world-class user experience, enabling report users to generate immediate actionable insight. Quick development and deployment of rich, visual analytics to individuals, workgroups and global teams, often with rapidly changing requirements, is essential.

Typical challenges include:
  • Ensuring compliance with strict protocols in regulated environments
  • Creating template documentation prior to roll-out – for audit and report maintenance and testing
  • Maximizing user adoption through report relevance and performance

Optimization Suite for Spotfire enables you to:
  • Demonstrate protocol adherence with metrics on navigation and interaction
  • Save days of manual effort per Spotfire report with automatic template documentation
  • Streamline reports through automatic reporting of unused report elements (data, visualizations etc) to increase performance
  • Close the loop between authors and consumers with detailed feedback on report use

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