TIBCO Spotfire® Ecosystem

IX SharePoint Connector

Streamlined reporting workflow
with fortified data access

Leverage SharePoint’s capabilities within
your Spotfire reports
Access enterprise data dynamically even in the cloud.
Unleash SharePoint’s capabilities of document- and
file management, BI process and system integration
by cross-platform data mashup

The IX SharePoint Connector extension for TIBCO Spotfire is a server side extension enabling Spotfire to import data tables from files or objects which are stored on Microsoft SharePoint servers.

Business User Benefits

  • Easy manageable access to data-tables stored on SharePoint servers
  • Supports multiple data-types
  • Compatibility with older Spotfire versions

NEW: Available for SharePoint Online

Using IX SharePoint Connector in Spotfire® Analyst:

List of features from TIBCO Spotfire® 5.0 and up:

Supported file formats

  • Tables: csv; xls; xlsx; xlsm; txt
  • Default and custom SharePoint lists
  • Calendars

  • Other features:

  • SharePoint files displayed in tree view
  • Automated refresh on report opening
  • Compatibility with automation services
  • Default Spotfire import setting panel used
  • Remembering credentials
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online

Authentication options:

  • Basic authentication
  • Integrated Windows authentication*
  • Form-based authentication*
  • Forced Windows authentication in non-interactive environments*

  • *not supported in SharePoint Online

Download IX SharePoint Connector Datasheet

What will happen to my trainings when a report is migrated to another server?
All saved SharePoint connections will be available and fully functional in the new server as well. In this case, please double check whether the SharePoint site is available from that server.
Can I use old templates which were created by older versions of the SharePoint connections in new versions of Spotfire?
Yes you can, the forward compatibility is ensured. You can use all your previously created connections with the new versions of Spotfire.
Can I modify my SharePoint connection without saving the report?
The modifications made in the SharePoint connection will only be saved when the report is saved.
Can I refresh SharePoint based data tables?
No. Currently there are two options available:
  • Click on 'Replace datatable' from 'File' menu and opens SharePoint file.
  • Close and reopen the specified template.
What will happen when the report is moved to another server area?
Migrating between areas does not affect the created SharePoint connections, because these are stored (embedded) in the report.
Can IX SharePoint Connector connect to SharePoint in the cloud?
Yes. The IX SharePoint Connector can connect to MS SharePoint Online.
Can I use the IX SharePoint Connector for Automation Services?
Yes. It is possible if the credentials are stored in the dxp. (Remembered basic or Form-based authentication)
What can I do if the SharePoint address is valid but SharePoint Connector gives an error messagesaying „You can not connect to SharePoint site”?
SharePoint address must contain only the address of the selected SharePoint site or its subsite. The following items are not allowed in the SharePoint address: „/” at the end of the address; complete address with .asmx potfix

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