TIBCO Spotfire® Ecosystem

IX SQL Writeback

Versatile database access within
a streamlined analytical environment

Leverage flexible database capabilities in
your Spotfire analysis
Dynamically access and store corporate data to save time
Exchange modified data interactively between teams

IX SQL Writeback for TIBCO Spotfire will enable you to insert, modify and save data of your visuals. This Spotfire extension supports saving on table basis combined with stored procedures which can be configured dynamically.

Business User Benefits

  • No programmer skills needed
  • Valuable business insights of users can be directly saved to database
  • Effortless reproduction of visuals on modified data
  • Planning applications are enabled

Business Author Benefits

  • Increased flexibility in terms of database compatibility
  • Easy integration with existing stored procedures
  • Full and easy control over the distribution of saved data
  • Spotfire applications with Data interactivity
  • Enterprise-wide rollouts with ability to collect feedback
  • Time saving (saves data using custom stored procedures)

IT Benefits

  • IT involvement or extra resources are not needed for minor data changes
  • Can be integrated into enterprise processes
  • Self-service on Spotfire side, while adapting to all data side requirements
Setting up IX SQL Writeback in Spotfire® Analyst:

Using IX SQL Writeback in Spotfire® Consumer:

List of features from TIBCO Spotfire® 5.0 and up:

  • Basic authentication
  • Windows authentication
  • Basic data export
  • Multiple table data export
  • Stored procedures supported
  • Special characters supported
  • Simplified web UI for executing queries
  • Exporting data to existing database tables
  • Exporting data run time to temporary tables
  • Executing stored procedures after export for ETL purposes
  • Separate window to execute predefined queries
  • Database error handled in the extension
  • Multiple export setups can be configured
  • Matching Spotfire columns with SQL table columns
  • Auto-filling SQL columns with generated data
  • Enter manual value to be exported into SQL
  • Detailed export process dialog window
  • Automatic data conversion between Spotfire and SQL
  • Exporting data to existing database tables
  • Compatible with MsSQL 2008, MsSQL 2012 and Oracle Database
  • Compatible with all major internet browsers
Download IX SQL Writeback Datasheet
Is the extension working with Analyst and Consumer client too?
Yes, partially. You can create SQL Export Configurations only from Analyst client, but you can execute the configurations from Consumer client as well. It is available on Consumer under Other Tools -> SQL Export
Does it support Windows Authentication?
It doesn’t, but this feature will be added in later version.
Does the tool support modifying the SQL server's tables?
It doesn’t. It can only fill an existing SQL tables’ existing columns with the given values
What type of SQL server is the tool compatible with?
It is compatible with Oracle and MSSQL servers.
What unique configurations does it supports in order to create compatibility between Spotfire and SQL server?
The tool can export data from multiple Data Table at the same time. It can have unique configuration and every running can execute a stored procedure on the SQL server. The configuration of a Data Table export contains that which column will be exported in what kind of format.

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