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IX Visual Replacement

Clarity from Complexity

Show details, trends or the timeline
behind a given dataset of the charts
Save valuable reporting space and
boost your report usability
Drill down into data without navigating users
to another tab within your template

The purpose of IX Visual Replacement is to extend the built-in Spotfire functionality with the ability to switch between two or more visualizations in the same area to save space.

The extension will create a button on the selected visualization’s context menu and a dropdown selector for switching between the replacement visuals.

Business User Benefits

  • Save valuable space for even more visuals in one screen
  • Drilling down is made easy and obvious
  • Versatility of data can be emphasized by analytical guidelines

Business Author Benefits

  • Switch between multiple visualizations to allow better view of data
  • Configured visuals are independent from each other
  • Ability to create simpler, sleeker looking DXPs

IT Benefits

  • Possibility of work with DXP files with less pages
  • Improved UX on Spotfire visualizations

Using IX Visual Replacement in Spotfire® Analyst:

Using IX Visual Replacement in Spotfire® Consumer:

List of features from TIBCO Spotfire® 5.0 and up:

  • Ability to switch between all default Spotfire Visualizations
  • Multiple Replacement visuals can be set
  • Replacement visuals can be modified individually
  • Shared markings and data limitations
  • Filter panels can be set individually
  • Switch function is integrated into the context menu
  • New MapChart supported (since v1.1.2.3)
  • Usage Logging
  • ICT & MVR Compatibility
  • All major internet browsers supported
Download IX Visual Replacement Datasheet

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