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IX Web Analytics Connector for Google

Optimize omni-channel marketing
with industry-leading analytics

Maximize website impact through deep understanding
of the factors behind conversion or engagement
Generate immediate insight through seamless mashup with other data sources for effective attribution
Predict behaviour of fine-grained consumer segments
to optimize allocation

IX Web Analytics Connector for Google enables digital, brand and marketing teams to generate a complete understanding of consumer behavior and optimize their omni-channel marketing strategy.
By mashing up digital, consumer and internal data for immediate, visual and predictive analysis and publishing instantly across the business, marketers can fine-tune campaigns, easily target high-value groups for cross and up-sell while simultaneously reducing customer attrition.

Business User Benefits

  • Explore and visualize web-traffic data in a simple and easy way without exporting or scripting
  • Enrich web data with corporate and other sources to optimize marketing and fulfillment
  • Generate holistic data-driven marketing plans and synchronize with supply chain and finance.
  • Understand and predict the effectiveness of digital campaigns and conversion
  • Monitor multiple Google Analytics profiles
See video of the benefits of IX Web Analytics Connector for Google:

Using IX Web Analytics Connector for Google in Spotfire®:

List of features from TIBCO Spotfire® 6.0 and up:

  • Flexible and dynamic data source linking
  • Automatically refreshed data without scripting
  • Compatible with Spotfire Automation Services
  • Connectivity through data function
  • Google Analytics dimensions and metrics used
  • Single authentication at connection setup
  • Token-based authentication model
  • Connection to multiple Google profiles
  • Filtering and sorting expressions on data load
  • Dynamic data timeframe settings supported
  • Standard Google API for connection
  • All major internet browsers supported
Download IX Web Analytics connector Datasheet
What is Client ID and Client Secret?
Client ID and Client Secret is provided by Google and are different for every Google Analytics account and every project inside it. These are used to authenticate the user when requesting information from the Google Analytics API. The following steps can be used to acquire them:
  • Navigate to https://console.developers.google.com/
  • Enter the usual credentials to log in
  • Click on the project name that will be used
  • In the menu on the left select ‘Credentials’ from the ‘APIs & auth’ menu
  • The Client ID and Client Secret are shown at the bottom
Do I have to go through the Authentication process for every data function I create?
No, only for the first one. After that, the valid token is saved into the analysis. Only the API query has to be configured for the remaining data functions.
How do I refresh the data imported by IX Web Analytics Connector?
It can be refreshed either automatically or manually. To manually refresh it, select a data function from the Edit > Data Function Properties form and press Refresh. This re-runs the data function, updates the related data tables and automatically updates the connected visualizations as well.
Automatic refresh is possible too. Data functions created by the IX Web Analytics Connector are set to automatically refresh when any of their parameters are changed. Because of this, there are several ways to do this, the only thing necessary is to change at least 1 parameter of the data function (e.g. connect a parameter to a Spotfire Document property and use that property to refresh it, so every time the marking is changed the data is refreshed)
What limitations are there?
Limitations of the Web Analytics Connector are governed by the Google Analytics API limitations. These include the following:
  • Maximum of 7 dimensions can be included in a single query
  • Maximum of 10 metrics can be included in a single query
  • Start and End date cannot be prior to 2005
  • Maximum results are limited at 10,000 rows
  • The data is not refreshed in real-time, only when it becomes available through the API (this usually means a few minutes of delay)
Can Web Analytics Connector be used with any account?
Yes, Web Analytics Connector works with both Basic and Premium Google Analytics accounts as long as the Client ID and Client Secret for the account are available and this information can be accessed through the API.
I‘ve read that the token expires in an hour, what happens after that?
After the token expires, the IX Web Analytics Connector automatically requests a so-called Refresh Token, which means: no further authentication is necessary and the same token can be used for as long as no new token requests are made.
If a new token is requested, analyses that were using the previous token have to be revised. The data functions cannot be refreshed until the token is modified in their parameters. (Alternatively, the data functions can be re-created using the wizard)
Can IX Web Analytics Connector be used in Spotfire Consumer?
Limitedly. Even though it cannot be configured through Consumer, analyses configured previously in Spotfire Analyst work correctly in the Consumer client, and data functions can be refreshed automatically as well.

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