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DATA Job Fair, 16th June – Budapest
June 15, 2016
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The story of a Marketing Manager who had smart data backup


  • Consumer Goods

  • InfomatiX Platform:

    IX Insight2Action

    • KNIME
    • Integration
    • Optimization
    • Automation

    Optimized Media Spending, delivered campaign success and maximized value share.
    How is it manageable without sleepless nights?

    The client is working as the Head of Marketing at one of the Global Fortune 500 companies within the CPG sector. You can imagine her life with all the rushes and deadlines. Although she has a dynamic and vibrant personality, she’s truly passionate about her job, and believes in her goals at the company, she still has her hard days of struggling with all the responsibilities.


    To be able to position brands on the market, she needs a continually updated competitor analysis, based on trusted and valuable data. Watching competitors’ performance is inevitable to keep the company’s leader position on the market and increase sales numbers. Making the proper decision on media spending and channels is always challenging. Finding the balance between spending enough to make an impact in the noisy CPG environment – but not wasting budget unnecessarily – can be far from seamless. She needed help to manage delivering these tasks in time with high quality. That was her reason for turning to InfomatiX.


    With our solution, the client is now able to make choices faster and in a more efficient way with transparent insights about the market situation. The dashboard is a market analysis based on Nielsen data about consumers’ marketing and media spending, and it provides overview about the specific market segments.


    • KNIME supported ETL process— to automatize data processing flow
    • Monthly data refreshing— for actualized reports and refreshed analysis
    • Brand level competitor evaluation
    • Trend analysis and comparison with competitors – to be able to optimize media spending

    Visuals aim to provide key analytical insights of market share growth, based on marketing spending. Deep diving into key competitor brand level performance reveals further possibilities for improvement.


    After our client has been provided with the Spotfire dashboard, she managed to accelerate decision making processes and save valuable time by:

    • Overviewing current market position
    • Effectively assessing business decisions based on evaluation of competitors’ advertisement spending
    • Enabling further strategy building to increase sales and enhance brand awareness

    Thanks to data-driven marketing planning, she is able to optimize media spending and maximize value share due to continually updated competitor insights.