Global consumer packaged goods (CPG) with annual revenues in excess of $10bn; over 30,000 employees, exporting products to over 130 countries.

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Increase the efficiency of pricing strategy and portfolio decisions
The Business

The client is a consumer packaged goods company serving over 130 countries.  They manufacture many familiar high-quality brands familiar to households worldwide. As for most large CPGs, emerging markets are a key area for top line growth, nevertheless underlying margins must be protected to ensure consistent EPS growth.

The Challenge

Understanding the impact on overall share change contributed by different portfolio elements.

The company is active in a large number of countries and offers a wide range of products to the markets. It is crucial to see the performance of the different elements of the portfolio as well as to clearly understand the results of the competition. With the insight of the competitive and own portfolio elements and pricing it is possible to draw conclusions regarding the market, value and volume shares. Analyzing the shares enables the company to optimize its portfolio and further grow their value and volume resulting in resource optimization and maximum ROI.

The Solution

The solution is based on third party data (from Nielsen, Acosta, etc.) and analyzes the portfolio, prices, value and volume share of the client and the competition as well as the market and share impact. The powerful visualization allows good insights into performance and trends and is able to make quick decisions how to optimize the portfolio, prices and further grow market share. As a next step, the client is able to improve its resource allocation between the categories and the countries that gives the potential to increased ROI and revenues.


  • Optimized portfolio: The optimized portfolio means the company can allocate the resources and focus on the most promising business areas that lead to cost efficiency and a clear competitive advantage.
  • Share increase:  The improved pricing and product offering per region and country will enable the client to increase its competitiveness as well as volume and value share.
  • ROI increase: Optimal prices and better portfolio driven volume and value shares result in increasing income and ROI.
  • Alleviating Seasonality: Thanks to analyzing and understanding performance over time makes it possible to reflect and drive the business through peak and average seasons to leverage the potential of the different time periods.