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  • Europe
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific

InfomatiX Platform:

IX Analytics 360° Program

Business topics:
  • Market insights
  • Store Performance
  • Sales Performance
  • Distribution
  • Merchandising

  • Prototyping
  • Data visualization
  • Scaled analytics
  • TIBCO Spotfire

Maximize store performance, visibility and sales by channel tracking

The Business

The client is one of the world’s largest snack companies. They manufacture many high-quality and delicious brands familiar to consumers worldwide. Distribution and in-store presence are principal keys to success. Proper product placement and dominant share of shelf contribute to sufficient sales and visibility and help maintain consumer loyalty.

The Challenge

The client needed deep-dive analysis and understanding of its performance in a specific European country. The goal was to ensure store and on-shelf performance as planned. The performance of the regions, retailers, stores and sales stuff had to be examined to be able to maximize effectiveness and to grow sales.

Data sources included daily sales data, regional data, product data from the internal ERP system, while the store level data was received from weekly store audits collected by an auditor company.

The Solution

The workshops:  A workshop specialist from InfomatiX lead the data exploration sessions with the business stakeholders to explore the needs, to leverage the potential in the data sources and to design a proper business solution that leads to actionable insights.

The main questions:

  • What are the sales KPI of the different products in the given store clusters?
  • What is the performance of the Ultimate stores?
  • Which regions and stores are below the benchmark and why?
  • How can the field managers improve their performance?

The workshop resulted in a clear mockup and set the benchmark for the ‘Ultimate Stores’ that served the role models for sales performance.

Prototyping: The prototype was based on the mockup of the workshop. The IX created solution already used the structure of available data sources, so after testing it could be put into real production environment easily.

The 5 key performance indicators of the ‘Ultimate Store Analysis’ included:

  • Sales Results,
  • Distribution and Cashier Distribution,
  • Product Performance,
  • the Display
  • and the Share of Shelf.

The results of the analysis are available by region, sub-region, retailer and store. There is also room to understand the activity of the sales area managers and the sales representatives.

The final solution: The client now has a tool to check actuals vs. targets, to examine the trends, to make the required comparisons and to find the rooms for potential performance improvements. In addition, an intelligent store alert is built in to give notice in case of significant differences between results and plans and about underperforming stores. As a result, the company is able to maximize effectiveness.

The solution gives direct actionable insights both for the central management, for the controlling department and for the field managers who are directly responsible for the distribution, the stores’ assortment and the product placement.

The Outcome

Maximized store performance: Channel control and tracking enable to leverage the potential within the stores to maximize in-store shopper experience and sales. The ultimate stores improve the image, the brand awareness and the overall brand equity. This combined with proper cashier appearance ensure the perfect product placement, which is crucial due to the intense competition and the fact that many of the products offered by the client fall into the impulse-purchase category. The solution also provides for stronger distribution, POS, inventory and order management resulting in higher ROIs.

Self-Service Data Discovery and Ad-Hoc Analysis: One of the biggest strengths of the solution is that the client can discover the data themselves. The user is able to easily and instantly examine and deep dive the data whenever and however it is needed without waiting for external support and eliminating the risk of sharing confidential information. Consequently, the insights help over-performance with the more accurate sales and retail planning.

Actionability: The so far unknown becomes visible and understandable, the company can reveal the hidden root causes and find out about the obstacles. As a result of the most important factors, e.g. sales data, actuals vs. planned results, the insights can be turned into action. In addition, the field managers and the resource allocation can also be improved. Finally, the solution is adaptable universally, hence, the global company can scale it up for the whole organization for further acceleration potential.