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IX Analytics 360

  • TIBCO Spotfire

Self-serve analytics discovery to accelerate adoption

Adopting analytics into the organisational culture without facing resistance is hard to carry out. Lack of analytical skills puts pressure on users and triggers complaining and rejection. Classroom or video training is useful, however, they do not provide on-demand answers to business users.

Understanding of complex analytical dashboards requires skilled business users while the capability to overview insights at a glance would be more than necessary for all decision makers.


IX Guided Tour has been developed with the idea in mind to tackle challenges of analytical adoption and training enablement.

IX Extension for TIBCO Spotfire® is a self-service training and certification tool that enables business authors to prepare interactive help, training or exam to end users. It operates with highlights, pop-ups, built-in user guides, online help options and training on each page of a specific template.






  • Automated end user training and exams
  • Interactive Spotfire help
  • Possibility to set up pop-up windows for any different elements of a template and add text, image, video, link, table to the pop-up window
  • Guidance creation by defining the order of the pop-ups
  • Multiple scenarios based on different user needs
  • Cross-platform Spotfire environments handling

Applicable features:

  • Guided Tours
  • Spotfire Tooltips and Shortcuts
  • Data Value Validation
  • Multiple Server Environments
  • Training module
  • Exam and certification module
  • Auto Play Tours
  • Cloud service







Accelerated analytics adoption

IX Guided Tour contributes to the integration of analytics into the organizational culture in a seamless and natural way. Enabling trainers to prepare automated embedded guidances into dashboards spare a huge amount of time substituting or supplementing live tuitions while guaranteeing the same training quality for all users.

Effective Change Management

IX Guided Tour helps to face the challenges of corporate cultural change and deal with resistance.

Interactive help:

Enabling your employees to discover new tools on their own by providing on-demand help within the solution.

  • Feedback is collected from users
  • Training is done on the spot
  • Likes / dislikes can be collected

Data validation

  • Data is trusted / issues are nailed down
  • Better and faster tracking of quality issues for Data Owners

Exam and Certification

  • Differentiation per user teams is easily adopted and understood
  • Used with certifications enables major adoption


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